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Let’s rebuild Ukraine together!

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We find the right tech partner(s) for your project and additional funding if needed.

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About us

Build Back Better Ukraine is a Dutch initiative to help Ukraine with reconstruction

Ukrainian-born Inna Dikoun from has started the Dutch initiative Build Back Better Ukraine and would like to get in touch with international organizations that are willing to join the efforts in the reconstruction of Ukraine. At this stage, we are looking for technology companies, grant providers, and of course ambassadors who want to set forth our mission, so that we can set up the ‘Build Back Better Ukraine’ coalition together.

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Inna Dikoun

Program Manager Build Back Better Ukraine


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Looking for a Tech Partner?

Are you looking for the right tech partner for a project in Ukraine or are you a Ukrainian company that needs investment opportunities for a project? The Build Back Better Ukraine gateway connects you with companies, investors and organizations that can have a major impact on the future of Ukraine.

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As a European high-tech company, your expertise can have a major impact on reconstruction projects in Ukraine.
Discover the opportunities by connecting with Ukrainian companies looking for your expertise and experience. Check out their projects and use cases and take the first step towards building powerful innovative tech consortia with us.


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Would you like to support our initiative with your knowledge, network or funding and collaborate with international tech organizations, diplomatic representatives, local governments and NGOs to set up consortia and help Ukraine with the reconstruction?



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Visit to Embassy of Ukraine (NL)

To learn more about Ukraine’s most urgent reconstruction needs, today we visited Volodymyr Buchok, First Secretary of the Ukraine Embassy in the Netherlands. The insights we gained will help us


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