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About us

About us

Build Back Better Ukraine – the Dutch initiative of Qualified B.V.

The Dutch high-tech platform organization Qualified B.V. would like to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine and has launched the Dutch initiative of “Build Back Better Ukraine”.

We are driven to connect with organizations that are interested in contributing and want to be part of technology consortia with organizations from Ukraine. These partnerships will focus on specific domains and applications vital to reconstruction efforts in the energy, sustainable construction, green mobility & transport, agricultural and environmental sectors, as these were most affected by the war.

Rebuilding Ukraine requires the integration of advanced technologies, and our team is committed to facilitating this process. If your organization shares our vision, we invite you to join us in this endeavor.

Together we can make a lasting and positive impact and create a stronger, more resilient Ukraine powered by technology and collaboration.

Let’s build a brighter future for Ukraine together!

Our team

Inna Dikoun

Program manager

“We can’t solve problems by using the same mindset we used when we created them”.

Ukrainian-born Inna believes that technology and innovation will play a crucial role in Ukraine’s economic development and reconstruction. As a program manager, she leads the programs around Build Back Better Ukraine.

Ron Meelen


“Helping Ukraine rebuild requires a proactive approach and starts now, despite the fact that the war is not over yet.”

Qualified’s Co-founder Ron started the Build Back Better Ukraine initiative with the aim of linking Dutch and European  technology organizations to Ukrainian organizations that need help for reconstruction.