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Construction and sustainability

The war in Ukraine damaged or completely destroyed large parts of Ukraine. The reconstruction of the country will take many years and is certainly not an easy task. Cities in Ukraine, such as Mariupol and Kharkiv, will have to be extensively rebuilt. Some smaller towns need to be reassembled from scratch. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians need new homes, roads, bridges, train stations, and airports.

The housing problem is exacerbated by the low energy efficiency of residential buildings and the poor condition of municipal infrastructure: for example, 40% of heating networks are emergency structures and waste treatment systems are under-capacity. Heating services need to be repaired and be able to operate in an emergency state.

Poor urban planning worsens the situation, leading to overcrowding, inadequate living conditions, and limited access to education and employment.

To meet this challenge, Ukraine needs to focus on smart and green urban planning, which will play a vital role here and drive economic development towards sustainability. Creating welcoming, functional and efficient spaces for businesses and residents can create a favorable environment for job creation.

A green reconstruction would allow the country to become energy independent from Russian fossil fuels, accelerate integration with Europe and reap the social and environmental benefits. Sustainable, low-carbon development will have to be in line with the Paris climate agreement and the objectives of the European Green Deal, including the ambitious goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050.

Climate-friendly projects

Ukraine’s post-war green reconstruction will include several components, from energy-efficient houses – both new construction and renovation, to local solutions for electricity and heating in combination with renewable energy sources. Much needs to be repaired or replaced, including damaged cogeneration plants and boilers, parts of the high-voltage and distribution networks and a number of renewable energy plants, especially solar energy. While their initial destruction is harsh, cities in need of rebuilding provide an opportunity to improve green urban planning with an emphasis on climate adaptation.

12 mln
displaced citizens
$70 bln
recovery cost for housing
houses destroyed
$1.58 trl
allocated for urban redevelopment