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Mobility and infrastructure

Passenger transport in Ukraine is dominated by cars and buses and short-distance public transport systems such as trolleybuses, trams and metros. At the same time, rail transportation is a leading industry in the country’s road and transportation complex, accounting for nearly 82% of freight traffic and 36% of passenger traffic. The operational network of railways in Ukraine is more than 20,000 km. long, of which more than 47.2% are electrified.
Rail is one of the most efficient modes of transport with the lowest emissions, and therefore the reconstruction and expansion of rail infrastructure must become a top priority.

According to the government, 90-95% of CO2 emissions in cities are caused by road transport. The war deepens the climate crisis and causes significant releases of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

There are still significant challenges such as a low number of electric buses and cars, insufficient increase in the number of running trains, worn-out public transport and people who are not in the habit of using green transport. Some solutions have already been implemented. The government endorses the use of ecological means of transport in cities and intends to completely replace all existing forms of urban public transport with electric transport by 2030. Due to the war, this deadline will probably not be met. The transformation to electric vehicles has also started for cars as petrol and diesel cars are being phased out. In the cities, local governments have started improving infrastructure for cyclists by building hundreds of kilometers of cycle paths.

The reconstruction of the transportation system should go combined with the pursuit of sustainability by making public transport more accessible and adopting a people-oriented approach.

The war has made the transportation system one of the sectors most in need of donor investment for recovery.

25.000 km
of roads damaged
>500 km
of railroads damaged
bridges damaged
$36.2 bln
total damage