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3D Prosthetic arms: transforming the lives of amputees

The war in Ukraine has tragically resulted in more than 50.000 victims (military and civilians), who have lost their limbs, leaving them in need of prosthetic care.

Most of the current prosthetic technologies require long manufacturing times, significant costs, and expensive service and repairs during the whole lifespan, often making prosthetics unavailable or unaffordable and leaving amputees with limited options for regaining mobility and independence.

Using modern 3D printing technologies makes it possible to manufacture high-quality prosthetic products at a lower cost, reduce production time, and make aftersales service work simple and cost-effective by simply printing new parts for repairs. Using this innovation, the project will transform the lives of amputees, improving the quality of their lives and creating a sustainable model of ongoing accessible healthcare in the years to come.

Currently, the project seeks additional funding to increase the capacity and meet the actual needs. More 3D printers are required as well as 3D scanners, filaments, additional materials, and computers. The fabrication needs to be run by people, it brings additional costs for design. assembly and orthopedic work.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor or joining the tech consortium? Let’s transform the lives of thousands of Ukrainians and put new hope in their hands.