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Land decontamination

Demining drone

Automated Demining via Drone-Magnetometer Technology

The “PostUp” foundation, led by Ukrainian innovators and headquartered in Poland, has devised a groundbreaking demining solution. By integrating a cutting-edge magnetometer onto drones, the project aims to streamline demining operations in Ukraine.

Drones equipped with magnetometers traverse a 2-meter path, continuously recording Earth’s magnetic field data. AI processing then transforms this data into a minefield map, highlighting mine and shell locations.

Starting in June 2022, PostUp progressively refined the technology, culminating in successful tests near Balakliya, Kharkiv in February 2023.

To broaden its capabilities, the project seeks to enhance mine detection across varied terrains and mine types. This involves refining object classification, employing models, and exploring technologies like orthophotos, multispectral, and lidar.

In collaboration with Dutch partners, including Datacation (Eindhoven), T&A Survey (Amsterdam), and Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (Den Bosch), the initiative gains now interdisciplinary insights and knowledge exchange. In order to test the technology in real-time conditions, Qualified invited the Polish-Dutch consortium to the Netherlands. The Dutch Defence supports the project with a dedicated military test facility that offers diverse terrains as well as real Russian mines for realistic testing, whereby knowledge and expertise can be exchanged to improve current technology.

Qualified B.V. also welcomes other organizations to support the further development of this project.