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Restoring Oral Health and Hope – the ‘Smile Bus’

The war in Ukraine has heavily damaged healthcare infrastructure and severely disrupted access to essential healthcare, including dental care.  In response to this critical need, a dedicated group of volunteers in Ukraine has initiated the Smile Bus project, a mobile dental clinic designed to bring comprehensive dental services to underserved communities across the Odesa and Mykolaiv regions.

The Smile Bus, equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment and staffed by skilled professionals, will provide much-needed oral care at no cost to those in need. The project’s local coordinating group, Corp 32, based in Odesa, will oversee the roadmap and operational tasks, ensuring seamless delivery of dental services.

To further enhance the project’s impact, local private dental clinics will collaborate, providing essential dental materials. This collaboration will ensure that the Smile Bus can reach a wider range of individuals, particularly war veterans, internally displaced people, and those residing in remote areas with limited access to medical care due to damaged infrastructure.

Qualified B.V., the project’s initiator, invites investors to join the initiative and support the Smile Bus’s mission of restoring oral health to the people of Ukraine. The estimated investment for the project is around 200,000 euros.

Join us in rebuilding Ukraine, one smile at a time.